A designer into hip-hop, hoops & sci fi.
👉 [email protected]

highlight reel

🎨 Sketch, Framer, HTML, CSS, React, Cinema 4D, Unity

🧠 Product Thinking, Visual, Interaction, Prototyping

🎓 B.A. University of California Berkeley

origin story

I'm Jot Dhaliwal, a designer who prototypes with code. I was born, raised and educated in Cali Cali — Go Bears.

My passion for design began as a kid collecting Air Jordans and idolizing Tinker Hatfield. Creative influences include album covers (Joe Perez), fashion photography (Irving Penn) and fine art (Basquiat).

Prototyping with code is my favorite part of the design process because I can bring static mockups to life. I strive to work on products made with craft and lots of love.

this website

I designed and developed this site to refine my front end skills. It's built with HTML, CSS and Jekyll. To speed up my workflow I used Emmet, Sass and Gulp.

Check out my code on Github :)

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