Sup I'm Jot.


I'm Jot Dhaliwal, a Product Designer based in SF. Currently I'm working on Winnie, a marketplace for child care. As the first design hire, I've helped shape the company's design language from its seed stage to Series A funding. Before pursuing my passion for design, I worked as a researcher at Snapchat, Twitter and earned a B.A. from Berkeley. Go Bears!

My interest in design began as a kid watching music videos on MTV, collecting Air Jordans and drooling over Ralph Lauren displays at the mall. Creative influences include album covers, fine art and fashion photography.

Prototyping with code & collaborating with engineers is my favorite part of the design process because it brings me closer to the user experience. I strive to work on products made with exceptional craft.


This site was designed with classic HTML,CSS & Javascript. Jekyll was used to convert my code into a static site that is hosted on GitHub pages. Gulp speeds up my workflow by automatically converting my sass into css, refreshing my browser and adding pesky vendor prefixes.